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Staff Training December 9, 2005

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Staff   The Dean, yesterday, sat down with the College Administrative staff to explain a Human Resources study of pay differences between similar departments and colleges. It was not a particularly helpful study since it basically showed what we largely knew, that salaries in our college were low. He expressed that he really would like to raise salaries across the board. Then the topic of training was raised. He said we needed to adopt more modern business practices and that includes managing things like hiring with much less paper than we use now. We also ought to be making sure our staff is well trained in all the software tools they need in a modern office.

At that point, all eyes turned to me. Clearing my throat I mentioned that I had run several fifteen minute training sessions in the past with names such as PowerPoint Pandemonium and the ever popular Word Workshop Wednesday came up. But now, it turns out, we need a much more concrete training program, preferably one that administrative assistants could plug into without missing much work. Once the Dean had left I the level of tension in the room rose. Some of the staff suggested that my fifteen minute sessions were too short. Perhaps so, I responded, but you were limited by how much time you thought you thought could take off.

The bottom line is that they are taking it all very seriously now. They want something they can put in a resume. They want a certificate. They don’t want to pay for the training. They want any training to dovetail precisely into their jobs. They want recognition for accomplishing the training. Some wrote to me afterwards to express their fear that they really don’t know enough about databases and the like and I think I was able to calm them somewhat. To my list of demands for the training I will add one more: they do not want to be embarrassed.

Well who does? I have my list and I think I will be able to craft a program together. Now, where do I fit it into my already tight schedule? More on this later, I’m sure.