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Technological Culture Faux Pas November 24, 2009

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

This morning I walked into my classroom and some other instructor had used a dry erase (not permanent thank goodness) marker on my board. My jaw dropped and I paused in shock at the outrage.


Okay, it wasn’t so much an outrage. It was a faux pas, like wearing the bathroom slippers in a Japanese apartment outside the actual bathroom. Only the culturally attuned would notice and suppress a polite giggle.

Once my sense of outrage died off, I realized that the use of technology was a cultural thing. Not everyone knows that this $2400 whiteboard with a projector attached was not a simple “dumb” whiteboard. I’m sure the abuser would have been horrified if he or she knew.

So I’ll just park this under the bathroom slipper category.



1. Zs - January 10, 2010

Not to laugh!
Someone did write with a permanent marker on a “dumb” white board, and then he was surprised that it would not erase.
I giggled and explained the “permanent” is because one cannot really erase even if from a dry erase board.
As a faculty I also remember in one of the smart rooms someone used a dry erase marker on a smart white board, not knowing what are for the colored pens since they “did not write” — of course they write only when the smart board is on :-)
Perhaps the next generation won’t have these problems.

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