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MVU Keynote February 6, 2008

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

freedman   Keynote address at the Michigan Virtual University conference held in Ypsilanti, Michigan, today. Gordon Freedman from Blackboard (VP in charge of Educational Strategy)

He gave an overview of how virtual and online courses were developing. Envisions a mix on in-class and online someday as part of the inherent structure of schools today.

Report: Building the 21st Century Campus

Top Four Challenges for Higher Education

  • Student Engagement
  • Institutional Accountability
  • Revenue Generation
  • Globalization

Report: Discovering and Enacting “What’s Next” in K-12 Education

NCReL report on the click patterns in the online algebra class.

Note: Students need to develop a strategy for learning
Report: Building K-20 Connections

Dual enrollment (K-12) and (College) exposure to college work is very motivating to some lower performing students

Repeats the idea that students who do not have a good reason for taking the online course do not do so well.

The online experience should be better than what they get in the classroom.  He mentioned how online could bring in online experts. I’m not so sure where they will find the time.

Kentucky has interesting programs – “Pre-K to Gray” is their take on lifelong education.
They have a unique statewide approach to education that makes them more similar to small countries like Ireland. Their benchmarks are unusual and not aligned with those of the rest of the US.

Singapore uses a lot of drill and kill and has one of the best prepared student bodies.
They note that they are missing innovation and they dearly want better innovators.
They have an eLearning week which acts as a readiness drill. Their schools for the future are quite advanced

He is hoping that the US will begin to be perceived as a global player once we get a new presidency. He suggests we reinterpret our curriculum.

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