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First Time in Second Life January 21, 2008

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

sl   We had our first class meeting in Second Life last night and one of my insightful students wrote, in general terms:

From what we saw last night in our first meeting in 2nL, when do we stop learning the tool and start using it? Do the students come to class already knowing how to navigate all the controls etc? Do you teach a full class on just using the interface?

It was an exhauting meeting since we had to learn how to chat with each other and most of us were still looking around and exploring. They were all such valid questions. There is no way a professor is going to begin a class unless and until all the students have some basic understanding of the environment. That is a major learning curve for some and a real challenge for some computers. One solution adopted by some of us was to use the microphones.

I think at least two sessions of just working out the bugs before any actual real classes might barely cover it.



1. Zs - January 22, 2008

I envy you!
You take your students in SL and I was kindly suggested to just get rid of using the blog since students complained too much, on my teacher evals and in person with letters to the chair….
So, I am not using blogs anymore this semester, even if (sic!) I teach all my three sections online! Use Blackboard postings and made very light my course. I expect my teacher ratings will go through the roof :-)

Perhaps I need to learn how to preach to the people I have in my “church”….it seems I was “preaching” to other denomination of students :-)
ha ha ha….
I feel like crying….

2. McVey - January 22, 2008

Of course, you must realize these are graduate students who want very much to learn how these tools work.

Here is a link to my podcasts for the class:

You will need to subscribe through iTunes or you can visit my social site at http://edmt592.ning.com to see these videos. I am uploading them right now – a visit to the Sistine Chapel is the first.

Hey, birthday coming up for you, right?

3. McVey - January 22, 2008

Here is a trick. Make the blogs optional and have some fun with them. There will be more and more students coming along who will be delighted that you are using them. Really and truly.

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