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Animoto Barnyard December 2, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

As my colleauge in England pointed out yesterday, Animoto movies seem to be all over the blogsphere this month. This service will allow you to upload several images then choose to upload your own music or use some of the artist tracks they have.

My wife and I, in a fit of hilarity deep on Friday night, used Audacity to lay down several tracks of our own version of Ukranian Bell Carol for a friend of ours back in Tucson. We used animal sounds in as dignified as manner as one might expect.

Not satisfied with the audio only, I turned to Google images and Animoto to create a 30 second video in only moments. My daughter, despite thinking her parents utter maniacs for doing it in the first place, also did not like the rapid cuts and the images jiggling on the screen.

I am hovering on the edge of paying for the full version of Animoto and the chance to make longer movies with a little more editorial control than the service allows in the free version.



1. Bethany - December 3, 2007

ahh ha haha. Your video makes me laugh… Just what is needed on a Monday! :)

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