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Laptops and GCast November 15, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in Hardware, Online Tools.

olpc   We had a fun class yesterday. One of the students, Alison, did a great presentation on the One Laptop Per Child initiative and I got to share with the class how to create a podcast using GCast and your cell phone. We actually managed to produce a 60 second podcast using just my cell phone. We recorded the piece at the beginning of the class and then listened to it, fully resolved and playable, at the end of the class.

Meanwhile, in the next room, a team from Apple was running a workshop on podcasting using tools such as GarageBand. Such software certainly has its place, especially when you’re creating enhanced podcasts that include photographs spread throughout the podcast, but there are other alternatives and GCast is certainly one of them that cannot be ignored. When I was in Toronto I saw several photographs of students creating podcasts in their classes and right in front of the teams were cell phones being used as microphones.

So the theme in both presentations was that technology can lower boundaries and impediments to learning. Students who someday will have access to tiny laptops in remote and rural nations will now have the opportunity to join others around the world in a truly global conversation. And students with very limited access to technology can have, with something as straightforward as a telephone connection, the opportunity to add their voices and insights to the same global conversation.



1. Zs - November 20, 2007

I wish I were at that workshop!
I would like to have some sound attached to my power points for my online course. Since the actual ppts. are the ones I use for the on-campus section, they are very brief and don’t really help unless someone talks along… So, I would like to attach my talk to the ppts and upload all to Blackboard.
Any quick fix you know about?

Do you know Wimba? Comes with BB but I don’t know how to use it and the tech people at my school are still figuring it out….

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