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The Bad Guys November 13, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in General Comment, Information, Online Tools.

IT Director    In discussions with colleagues at yesterday’s conference, there appears to be a “bad guy” emerging in educational technology. This person is the IT Director for the district, the one who follows state or district requirements and block access to sites. Particularly frustrating to many teachers is the fact that many Web 2.0 applications are being blocked. The blocked site causing the most frustration is Youtube.

Teachers find they must work to get their IT Directors to understand what they need in the classroom and to get them onboard with their vision. Somehow I doubt that. Teachers would be better off re-examining the sites they think they need and figure out why they have been blocked. It doesn’t take much conversation with them for them to understand the rationale for blocking, but still they complain.

One poor IT Director raised her hand in a session and admitted she was “one of the bad guys.” She and her colleagues in arms are the wrong people to pummel, however. Teachers should be contacting the Web 2.0 application provider and offering suggestions or lobbying for changes.

Teachers should also could consider moving to something that serves their needs but is safe and unblocked. There are so many options and tools out there. http://Go2Web20.net offers scores of them. I wonder how many are blocked.



1. Zs - November 14, 2007

More and more video clips are to be found on YouTube that are educational related. I use many of them when I teach my Ed Psy class.
Is good to find them and not have to make sure I get the video from the Library (which at times might be checked out…) and have the concern to take it back same day because if I am one day late I pay the $5 fee….

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