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MACUL Fall Conference Notes November 12, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

twice   I am in Macomb, Michigan, today at the Fall Conference for MACUL .

(Session 1) The first presentation was about videoconferencing. The presenter, Janine Lim,  made references to TWICE, an excellent site for helping teachers to get additional information about videoconferencing projects. You can create an account for yourself and find out how to get your students involved with videoconference projects around the state and around the world.

For my pre-service students it would be a real plus in a future job interview if they knew something about this valuable project resource. I will certainly be including references to it in next semester’s class.

(Session 2) A presentation by Jany Pryzyk from MI-LIFE where we engaged in both Twitter (http://twitter.com) and Protopages. Here is the page I made in this session, http://www.protopage.com/mcveypage. We engaged in a discussion about Digital Native eLife. There is so much going on to engage them. They buy, they sell, they communicate, they interact, they figure things out and learn along the way.

Our schools have some serious competition and it isn’t from other schools. It is coming from all the After School activities in which our students are engaged. What will Digital Natives need? Excellent communication skills, an e-mail address that has no expletives, an understanding of how to learn, and they need to know how to validate information they receive.



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