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Status Identifiers October 25, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools, Students, Unintended Consequences.

SL2   Yesterday, in my 330 class, a comment was made about how computer mediated communication removed status identifiers. Interestingly, I have found that within Second Life there are knowledge base identifiers such as virtual clothing, accessories, and personal spaces that are indicative of an enhanced set of skills. I wonder how off putting those are to students new to the SL learning environment. Also, I have heard from one colleague whose AV is quite formally attired in order to differentiate himself from students in his class. He figured there needed to be a barrier of some sort. A research thread?



1. Zs - November 5, 2007

This comment is for the previous post, but for some reason the comment button on that does not work ….

Don’t be surprised by your preservice teacher students… I have graduate inservice students who are COMPLAINING ALL THE TIME!!! because I ask them to use technology, and I did not give up yet on having them post their literature reviews on a blog…
Especially this semester I have a group that almost became explosive and I had comments such as “I didn’t register for a technology class!”
I am completely amazed every semester about how much against technology are these teachers. They are not over 40 years of age (like me :-)) most of them are 23-33 years of age. I cannot believe how resistant they are to anything that involves the least technology….
It is so disappointing … Last week I was at the AECT conference, of course there everyone stressed how important is technology (Dah, is a tech conference :-)).
There were couple of presentations on second life as well…
Anyhow, if you find a method to increase interest in tech among pre- and in-service teachers… let me know.

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