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Settling in to the Caboose July 11, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

 So, I am finally settling into my new life as a professor at a mid-western university. I have unpacked my essential texts and was disappointed to see that my mighty load of weighty tomes barely filled one long shelf. I would toss out the file cabinet but I have a feeling it will fill up after a while.

The Porter Building

My office is the caboose in a long choo choo of offices. The front office, the locomotive, has the department chair as its main tenant. The next twenty or so offices have windows with a delightful northern exposure overlooking trees. Across the hall from these offices is the next third of them. They have no windows but you can crane your neck and see through the windows across from you.

Turn one more corner and you have my row of offices. These are slightly noisier and there is more traffic past those doors. The office with the most traffic is next to the front desk. Colleagues walk to the left or the right down a long hall and students come in throughout the day with questions for the people at the front desk.

This happens to be the very place where my office is located. The caboose. One of the benefits of having a caboose for an office is that I can dash in and out of the building mostly unnoticed. In addition, there is often a plate of goodies available there, left over from one party or another.

I’ve got a phone, a thick door, and I am five feet from the central mailbox and shared printer. No complaints here.

Next time I write, I will start taking to task some recent studies about Information and Communication Technology that are sure to be misinterpreted if they haven’t already.



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