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Where’s Michael? March 12, 2007

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

gag   A few people have recently asked me why my daily blog entries have vanished. The answer is frustrating and simple, but not frustratingly simple. I have found that some of the most interesting things I do these days are proprietary, private, or personal.

Proprietary. I have been asked to help with a project that involves virtual reality, the local Science Center, and a team of really bright folks. The problem is that they are applying for some big grant money from an organization I am not at liberty to talk about to fund a project whose centerpiece is a tool that I am also not at liberty to discuss. You see? Proprietary projects have shut down one avenue of sharing.

Private. I review employees, observe programs, and review grant applications for large multi-national corporations and since most, if not all, of that information is private I have to safeguard it from disclosure. I recently interviewed for a faculty position in Michigan and would love to share insights into that process but since I have not yet heard from them I have to show a little restraint and not muddy the process. I don’t know if the search committee reads my bloggings.

Personal. We all deal with inner demons and work through life lessons and although I would love to share my inner workings with readers whom I know and do not know, I have limits. My own inner stressors are mine and a blog is no place for them.

So what’s left? Right now, not too much. But I tell you what. When I come across some interesting software or web site, I will fill you in.



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