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Picasa Catch Up December 28, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

picasa   What a lovely day it is today. Cold rain is falling on the roof I had patched a few days ago. There are no e-mails clogging my mailbox. I have time to read Sky & Telescope, sip coffee, and catch up on programs that I should have installed long ago. Today I am playing with NVu, an open source web editor, and Picasa2, the latest version from Google.

I knew about Picasa, a photo-organizing tool, for ages but instead used precious learning curve time on mastering another program called Hello. It turns our Hello will soon be phased out but all the features I enjoyed will be incorporated into Picasa.

I have been sorting digital photos and taking an inevitable voyage into the mists of memory. For me, the photos drop off just prior to 2001 although I have scanned a few of my old print photos. I am hoping that someday I will be able to generate a great movie of Abby’s childhood memories. I have accumulated several hours of clips that will make a wonderful montage someday.

In the meantime, I can stare wistfully at these photos of her years in elementary school and recall my own. Yesterday, my former Grade six teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, sent me the bi-monthly newsletter from the Markham Historical Society. The 50th anniversary of the opening of my elementary school brought us together. To my great joy, she remembered me as a polite young man with a great many interests, which is how I imagined myself to be as an eleven year old.

I hope the images of Abby at this age, properly documents with dates, will help her to paste together the fragments of her childhood someday.

What interests me about this opportunity to play with a new program is that time flew by during the time I was learning it and its features. So, why did I not download it sooner? Is the reason for my hesitancy the same thing that stops teachers from fully getting to know and understand the Read/Write web and begin incorporating it into teaching? Is it the need for a block of time? Is it the fact that a favorite tool is being phased out that spurred me to overcome inertia? Did I feel guilt for not installing it? Did something pressure me to action? Did something pressure me to inaction?



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