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Graduates December 7, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

grads   Today, my supervisor and mentor, Bob Hendricks, stopped into my office to look at a slide show I had been working on for next week’s convocation ceremony. I gathered the images from colleagues who had taken them at various steps in the pre-service careers of our teachers.

I had arranged the images chronologically beginning from the College of Education booth at a career fair, to orientation sessions, to images of students in classes, taking notes, and using our computer facility. I had mixed these shots with images of students in their methods block. I followed these images with ones of students doing their student teaching. Finally, there were images of convocation ceremonies from the recent past complete with proud parents, hugs, and even some tears.

As I shared the images with Bob, I had the chance to gush a little about how proud I was of these young people. I could think of no higher calling than the training of thoughtful, enthusiastic, caring, insightful, and skillful teachers. The photographs in the slideshow put the whole process into perspective.

Shortly after Bob left, a student I had not seen for a while dropped in for a brief visit. She had written a letter on my behalf for a creative teaching award. She was bubbling with news. She had just been hired to teach a Grade One class at Quail Run Elementary School in Marana School District. Amanda will be at the convocation ceremony with family and friends and I will be excited for her.

It really feels like it was just a few years ago that I began my first teaching job. In reality, it has been over twenty-five years and it all still feels so fresh for me. What an adventure she is about to embark upon. Who would not feel pangs of pride and well up with joy for her and for her fellow graduates?



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