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Default setting September 19, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

volume   The default setting for many people when they hear about technology problems is that the person presenting the problem is either misinformed or has misunderstood something about their computer.

Last week, I received a new computer, which the manufacturers had promoted as having a very fast processor and a huge amount of storage. This, I thought, would be perfect for dictating voice to text. Soon after I plugged in the microphone, the problems began. I could not hear anything through the headphones or the speaker. My voice to text software was not picking up any sound at all. I changed the position of the microphone from the front to the back to no avail. I opened every software setting and checked to see that I had turned up nothing off or turned off any volume controls. I even uninstalled the audio software and reinstalled it. Then I called and my colleagues for their advice.

They repeated each one of the steps I had just taken which frustrated me a little. I thought they would take at face value my rendition of the events leading up to calling them and proceed from the point where I left off. When I talked to a technician over the telephone about the problem, he walked me through exactly the same steps. Every time I repeated my story, they responded with the same sort of mild skepticism.

The three phone calls and two technicians later, the technicians proved my suspicions correct. There was a problem with the system, a highly recommended system at that. The Dell technicians have officially ramped up my concern and sent the issue to their engineering department.

I must say that it feels good to know that I did everything correctly in trying to resolve the problem. In the future, I am going to try to withhold my own forms of mild skepticism when someone presents their broken computer to me.



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