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Back to Writing September 18, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

Nautilus   I have to begin by saying that it is a great thing to be able to be back writing again because it means I finally have a few free minutes to devote to gathering my thoughts and sharing them with you.

A month ago, we started a new semester at school and on one of the very first full days our new employee, Gregory, was hurt in a bicycle accident on his way home. With two broken bones and a severely banged his head, thank goodness he was wearing his helmet, the few of us remaining had to work double time to keep up with the demands.

Gregory appears to be in great health now and he is on the mend. Once again, thank goodness for bicycle helmets. I have already taken to task one or two of my colleagues who prefer to ride without them.

Despite the hard work of dealing with the demands of faculty and students are getting settled into the new year there were a number of writing assignments I thought I would have some time to work on. Once again, I thought I would apply for an Arizona Board of Regents grant, I have to finish a prospectus for a book that is not quite finished, and Sage Publications asked me to write a section of an encyclopedia for them. My area of strength, according to them, is on the subject of “distance learning.” I am about halfway through that and was planning on spending last weekend writing that but I simply ran out of steam.

My wife bundled me off to the gym, a place I had never had much time for. To my surprise, I enjoyed it. Now I know what an elliptical trainer is. Now I know that the track runs clockwise on even days, counter on odd ones. Sweat is good. Hydration is good. I am running us stairs now and eschewing the elevator.

So here I sit, with my headphones on listening to my tunes on Pandora.com (Jollie Holland’s “The Littlest Birds”) and dictating using Dragon Naturally Speaking. What is even more important is that I still have my health, a happy family, a decent job, scores of excellent colleagues, and a handful of friends scattered around the world and keep in regular touch with me.

So here I sit, counting my blessings, helping my daughter with her homework, smelling cookies baking in the kitchen, and petting my dog.

The human side of technology, for me, is the ability to walk away from its pressures and to make use of its pleasures. Sorry for the ramble.



1. Steve Poling - September 19, 2006

Have you been bitten by the video i-pod bug yet? That is a fun piece of technology! Pure entertainment and yet untapped educational value. I am exploring the latter while enjoying the former.

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