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Breeze Testimonial August 11, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

breeze   Yesterday, some of my colleagues asked me to create a testimonial for a piece of software called Breeze. I was very happy to oblige because the software has helped me in several ways this past year. I used it to create a speech for the governors committee on innovation and technology, education subdivision, which by the way has recently been receiving some press in the Arizona newspapers. As I dictated my narration, I was able to remove awkward pauses and tidy up the general presentation. Breeze software enabled me to do that.

A few months ago, a visiting team came to the college to assess a program in Rehabilitation. I was unable to speak to the group, however with Breeze I quickly set up a web cam at home and lock the participants through a PowerPoint presentation that help to explain how technology worked in a Rehabilitation program. One of the visitors to the college apparently was famous in the world of sports. A few clicks later, I had a photograph of him from his younger glory days and posted it as part of the Breeze interactive chat we are having. Apparently, he was most impressed.

I have used Breeze for many projects over the past few years but when I asked my colleagues what format they wanted the audio or video presentation to be made in they really were not sure. My suggestion was that we do it in Breeze. If it is that good tool, they might as well put to use.



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