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Happy 165th August 7, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

red Cross   Here I was having a rotten day, databases that did not work, crashed computers, frustrations all over the place, and the day ended with the discovery that a dear friend’s father had died in a car accident. I suddenly felt that all my troubles throughout the day were minor next to those of my friend.

Therefore, I decided to enjoy the evening with my family. However, the problem databases of the day still called to me. After a few hours of knocking numbers around, I believed I had finally discovered a solution. You know, when the database is set up incorrectly, there is little you can do to fix it. That was my thinking at first. I was looking at the problem and should have looked just to the side a little.

The solution to my problem of the malformed database with great data was simply to build an additional query to circumvent the original and flawed query. Duh. The answer was staring me up the nostrils right from the beginning.

Then I received a phone call from the Red Cross to put everything into perspective and validate my fuzzy thinking. I had missed a donation, twice, and they were hot on my trail. I have rare blood and I do my best to fill the need, but hot summers can make my recovery extra long. Anyway, the young woman on the phone told me that I had an amazing number of donations. She said I had 842 to be exact. It was right there on the computer screen. That seemed off.

I asked her how many times I could donate and it came to about six times a year. Calculators out, everyone. I began donating at age 17 in Canada and took a few years off so let us say I started at age 25. I am almost fifty now so that would be, at best, 150 donations. If the information on the computer screen had been accurate, I would be 165 years old. A very spry 165 at that.

Sometimes you have to relinquish your faith in what you see on the computer screen and use your own built in calculator.



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