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Wireless Mobile August 6, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

wireless mobile   A few months back, my Dean asked what I knew about wireless mobile. At the time, I vaguely recollected stories about a test program in Malaysia. Much of the country was going to be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly using the cellular telephone network. The Dean’s question was just the beginning of questions I was to receive.

Over the past two weeks, I must have heard from a dozen faculty members interested in the technology. The vision they shared was that they could drive to Phoenix and back for a meeting and never be out of contact with e-mail, conferencing, and the web for research.

Today, I saw a television commercial for wireless mobile. The pitch was that you could be on the road and upload data to headquarters simply by inserting a wireless card into your machine. I remember that only a few years ago we were purchasing the same sort of cards for our laptops. It was not long before computer makers were producing machines with the wireless cards built in. Soon, the wireless mobile technology will be just transparent.

Right now, the card costs about two hundred and fifty dollars and the service is quite pricy at around eighty dollars a month. If you need it, though, the price would be worth it.



1. Steve Poling - August 6, 2006

I look forward to the time when wireless mobile is just as transparent; a given in our technology. I can think of so many ways that our students could benefit from this. Plus I think it would be so helpful and efficient to be able to observe teachers, type a few comments into my palm pilot, and sent it to them as I walk from classroom to classroom. And I could keep up on my voluminous email. I anticipate the day.

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