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Movie Fun August 5, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

We traveled south to Elgin, Arizona, yesterday to visit the Sonoita Wine Festival. As the non-drinker in the group, I took on the role of designated driver. Since my hands were free from the encumbrance of wine glasses, I also became the group’s videographer.

I must admit there was not much to film until Grape Stomping Time. The kids ran off with me in tow, camera whirring. What I caught was a neat little collection of shots of my daughter and friends stomping grapes, a decent crowd shot, a fine pan of the Arizona desert ending with a shot of horses tied up outside the compound, and some decent sound samples from musicians.

These cameras are increasing in resolution so I am now waiting for more people to enter the world of video editing. When I first began writing poetry, I thought every line was precious and I could neither cut nor abandon any of the words I had set down. With a little training in the world of visual literacy, I think we will see people willing to chop out the extraneous, the irrelevant, and the hopelessly muddled, to develop interesting and well-paced video productions to celebrate the moments of their lives.

Here is my offering, edited as soon as we returned home, and posted on YouTube within an hour of settling into the house.



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