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The Almost Résumé July 22, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

resume   I received some interesting endorsements this week from former students and others. Two came from students who noticed I was blogging again and wanted to tell me their news (babies and jobs) and that they missed having me as a teacher. It never hurts to hear that, so if you are in a position to tell a teacher you had something positive about them, do it.

I also received a comment this morning from someone I interviewed once for a job. Unfortunately, I could not hire her, but we did bring her in to run some training workshops in Access and Word. I got news that a local middle school hired her to teach this fall and she needed letters of support for her files, which I was happy to provide. She called me the “coolest boss she never had.”

Very sweet, but I was reminded of a project I once had called, “The Almost Résumé” in which you note the highlights of a résumé of jobs that you were offered but could not take. For my own, I was once offered a position as Public Outreach Coordinator for the Hubble Space Telescope back in its earliest days of operation. Accepting the job would have meant a year in Baltimore but we had a young daughter at the time and simply could not work out the details to leave.

We are considerably more flexible now so if something interesting like that came up again I might just grab for it. So what were your almost jobs? For your amusement today, check out this Monty Python/Star Trek parody at YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptx98LTGyfE.



1. Zs - July 25, 2006

You won’t believe this but it was in ’86 or ’87? and I was offered a position in the Communist party as “Regional Youth Coordinator”
That was “difficult” to reject. Not because I wanted it, God forbid! It was very difficult because I had to do it in that way to not offend the communist party, and not put in danger my family because of that rejection of the “most honorable position”.
My Dad would have died if I would be forced to accept, and I am sure my Grandparents (who died because of the communists) would have tossed in their grave.
So, I managed to tell them that my career as an engineer is very important and that I do not think I have the real skills necessary to fill in that honorable position.
Later I learned that they even did a background check (of course)… They needed minorities, and they thought I am perfect since I was a woman, Hungarian (a minority in Romania), and a woman with degree in the engineering field – that is I would be a triple minority! :-)

I never regretted that decision :-) I think you guessed this by now.

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