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Stinkin’ Papers July 19, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

paper   Today I began the process of getting my six applications to assess over the next few days. I had been listening to questions from other readers across the country concerned about the e-Reader system being unexpectedly down on Thursday. They were concerned about having time to print off the fifty to eighty page documents to read at their leisure.

This afternoon, when the documents finally came online for me I began the process of printing them up. I was all the way through three of them when I realized with a start that they were PDF documents and I could, in all likelihood, save them to my jump drive and take them home that way. Even a lightning storm or power outage, as sometimes happens at this tie of year, were to shut us down I could still read for a few hours right off the PDFs.

The false security of paper sucked me in again and I chastised myself for being suckered so easily. Reading online is not a difficult task, even for someone with transition lenses and trouble sitting still. Still, there are people who must print every document they encounter to feel connected to the words or to appease their own personal comfort level. As you may recall the term, treeware is the printed text onto paper that sometimes deluge us.

My goal over the past seven years with an introduction to technology course was to create a paperless course where students would never have to print a single piece of paper nor would I ever give them printouts. It took a little time for the idea to take root. In my most recent courses I kept one single copy of the PDF documents in case I was asked by the administration to look at my course. Since that rarely happens, I believe I will look at the binder only to give someone an overview of the course, but that would be it.

Electrons ho!



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