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Software Delivery July 17, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

95   There goes that long tail again. Enterprising marketers, or is it marketing enterprisers, are trying to find a niche for their product in the oddest places. I learned today that NBC has produced ten two-minute segments of The Office to stimulate everyone’s appetite for the show in the fall.

On top of that, they are running a “Create your Own Promo” contest for the show to encourage enthusiasm and interest in the show. Actually, my daughter and I came up with an interesting take on the idea of promoting “The Office” but since we will be making it into a submission for the online contest, I had best be quiet about it. In the meantime, you can visit YouTube.com and search for “The Office” and “promo” to see the work others have submitted.

Today, my crack team has been taking apart the office and rebuilding it to their new vision. They are emptying software cabinets and they are shelving the software designed for Windows 95 in our own version of purgatory. It will stay there until it is officially obsolete. Right now, it is merely nearly obsolete. Last year, I made a traditional approach to software companies asking for free samples of their work for our Instructional Technology Facility. We had been using the software to help train pre-service teachers to install, evaluate, and remove software from machines. We did not receive nearly as many software titles as we used to.

The problem is that many of the business models being employed these days use online delivery of software. It makes far more sense to download a title of a fully functioning version of the software that will either expire in a month or give you the taste for the full featured version you must pay for. I recall a general revulsion for the pushers in the playgrounds of America when I was growing up. “The first taste is free,” they would tell the wide-eyed adolescents. All they needed was a small percentage to become hooked to make back their marketing investment. I write this fully cognizant of the pain and lunacy of drug abuse having lost a few high school friends to it over the years.

Now, large corporations trying to get software in the hands of users are using the same marketing tactics of the pushers. I think one of these days I may simply leap off the precipice and choose open source software over all the other things out there. But that’s a story for another day.



1. Miguel Guhlin - July 18, 2006

Go ahead and jump off the precipice…you’ll find the ocean level has risen (due to global warming), and that the fall isn’t that far…more importantly, you’ll find lots of other penguins swimming about.

Miguel Guhlin
Around the Corner – MGuhlin.net

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