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University Committees July 13, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

APAC   A couple of days ago, I attended an orientation meeting for members of an organization new to me, APAC. The Appointed Professionals Advisory Committee consists of forty or so representatives from across campus. We all fall into that grey area between classified staff and tenure-track faculty.

I guess I brought it upon myself, but I decided I liked the group of people with whom I had volunteered to work on committees so I began asking questions about their web pages, their membership, their quorum requirements, and their goals. The result is that I believe the leadership identified me as a potential committee leader and tomorrow I will meet with the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson to discuss vision.

It has a kind of odd appeal to me since we are entering a new period with a new University president, my job has quieted down a lot with the addition of our new hire, Gregory, and I have been looking for interesting opportunities at the University level. I am no longer sure that the academic world is entirely suited to my energies and enthusiasms, but I will give that a few more years to decide.

This evening, to prepare for my meeting tomorrow, I went through the web pages of sister organizations around the country from Wisconsin to Michigan and from Purdue to Iowa. My conclusion is that we have a great deal to learn from each other. My other conclusion is that eight years is a long time to wait to update web pages. In this new Internet of the Read/Write web, pages that last saw an update in 1998 are decidedly moldy and frustrating. I wonder how many other people feel such a shock when they are looking for current information and find only outdated and useless information.

The concept of fresh pages and current designs seems to have become even more important than ever before when visitors can pop into your pages as well as those of a couple of dozen peer institutions in the course of an evening’s clicking.



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