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YouTube July 8, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

YouTube   During the past week, I spent three days finishing the writing of a novella for reluctant middle school readers. I will keep you posted on how that venture goes. As first, it was my intent to spend the four days I had at my disposal to revise two books I had first written in 1998. The work went more slowly than expected. This was, in part, because I spent some time dawdling with http://youtube.com.

I took brief looks at videos posted by regular folks, snippets of television shows both recent and past, and some professional looking video diaries. Of note, were some interesting musical segments by people with no recording contracts (yet) or agents filmed on tiny video camera and posted to YouTube for anyone interested to take a peek. Within hours, other people around the world would pick up a guitar and film themselves doing a cover of the music in the family garage. There are some mighty talented young people in the world.

I saw commercial, interviews, aerial phenomena, and complications. Of even greater interest to me, were the comments left by others. These ranged from the brief and pithy to the well written. Of course, they also included the ugly. In this case, ugly is not to be confused with gritty. Some people use the pages to display their invented spelling, convoluted grammar, and frightening vision of an impending race war.

The more I explored YouTube, the more discoveries I made. This service to viewers, an opportunity for a few hundred strangers to look at your video musings and leave comments, is a reflection on a new form of business model spawned by the Internet called the Long Tail.

More on the Long Tail tomorrow.



1. Zs - July 9, 2006

Oh, you know it was in this part of the world :-) on a TV show about videos that become more famous than the originals. People remix movie clips, and some Japanese are lip singing and karaoke that is very good!

So, if you spent time on that no wonder your work is left behind :-)

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