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Back from the brink May 13, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

silvermouse   It is a funny thing what strep can do to your interest in running a few words together to form a sentence. When my daughter had her sleepover last weekend, one of her little friends brought in the strep virus. Somehow, both my daughter and I picked it up. I was feeling odd on the Tuesday and came home for a sleep. Meanwhile, her mother had already brought her home.

We both slept. I had an hour’s nap while she slept for much of the day. It was not until the next day that we found out we had strep. Therefore, with much catching up to do, I had to abandon the blog this week. I am almost feeling ready to tackle some of the many issues that have arisen in the world of educational technology and there have certainly been a few.

First, I have to make another staff movie. On Tuesday, I will be the Master of Ceremonies for the Staff Advisory Council Luncheon and Awards Ceremony. I had made a little montage video of shots of every staff member in the building. Almost. It turns out I had missed a few administrative assistants. In a building like ours, there are always comings and goings. In fact, I had hired a replacement for my own right-hand man, Rick. After three weeks of juggling work in his absence, his replacement started.

It could have been the people, it could have been the workload, it could have been a hundred factors, but they all conspired to sour the experience for him and after three days, he tendered his resignation noting the job was suited to three people or a young hot shot.

The young hot shot started yesterday so that freed a little time for me to word on making an addendum to the first staff movie. It is a hoot with the majority of clips taken from the cutting room floor, so to speak. I even have my daughter included. I ended up missing just one person and she really wanted to be in the film, so I had my daughter call to me that Sherry M. was on the phone and sounded upset.

The point of the films is to praise the staff for working so hard during the year. I will also be giving out the third annual Silver Mouse Awards. Two silver plated mice to the administrative assistant who had most impressed me with technical competence. Usually the winners are surprised. Eventually, everyone in the building will have one of these awards. The secret is that they are roller ball mice and most of us prefer to use the optical kind. Photos of the ceremony will be in a future blog.



1. Zs - May 13, 2006

Oh, sorry for your strep and congratulations for your right-hand young hot shot helper :-) Did you finally hired one and stays? Perhaps you need to look for a geek computer junkie enthusiastic :-)

Hope you feel better.
It’s 54F here, and I turned on the heat.
Taylor is sick. I think she has a strep also.
Get well!

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