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Night walking May 1, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

nightwalk   What with taking on a new employee, dealing with Palo Verde blossoms that are backing up my sinuses, and training a new puppy, life has taken a decidedly busier than usual turn for me. At least I am exercising and technology can certainly help in that regard.

I download a few lectures and shows that sound thought provoking and set off walking almost every evening. If you know me, you will know that I have very little patience for down time and exercise always seemed like down time. Now, I simply plug myself in and walk. I am up to five miles now.

When I get home, I flip on Google Earth and use the measure tool to determine just how far I have walked. I suppose if I wanted to could chart my daily walks but I do not want to go overboard with them. It is funny; I have over 1200 songs on the iPod but I have not listened to very many. I am enjoying the talks. Today, I listened to David Berliner discuss the weaknesses of the federal No Child Left Behind law. Yesterday I listened to a couple of day’s worth of radio shows from Toronto. Before that, I listened to lectures on the Byzantine Empire and began pondering how they might tie into a piece on educational administration and administrators.

It seems to me that the more broadly you listen, the more depth you gain, and the more likely you are to pull together new threads of thought to your own daily musings. The alternative to listening broadly would be to live with the sound of your own echo.



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