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Snoozing in the afternoon April 19, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.


I took a vacation day today and let
Messages fill my mailboxes.

A red light burned on my office phone and I know
Scraps of paper with urgent notes litter my desk
Are taped to my monitor or rest on my chair
But I was not there
At all

I walked my daughter to school
Held hands with my wife
Enjoyed the sunlight, the wind, the birds and
An early lunch.

Knuckles have rapped on my door today
My cell phone rang in vain
I was not answering, replying, forwarding,
Redirecting, or
Plugged in
At all

Papers beckoned from my swollen briefcase
Urging me to read them
Seeking me out
Invoking my attention
But it was not there
At all

I napped for an hour listening to music
Took my family for ice cream
After school was done
Ate cereal with soy milk
Played a game

I filled my heart with my family’s love
Spoke with my parents in Canada
Read a book and took a long walk
And reveled in the fact
That I could leave the machines behind
For a while
At least.



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