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Best podcasting practices April 16, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

PodBest   Lately, I have been listening to many podcasts to figure out what works. I have concluded that what I am doing right now has potential but does not work. This list will be a beginning of a list of best practices when it comes to podcasting.

  1. Assuming you want people to listen to the entire podcast, do not post a two hour lecture unless it is intensely riveting. A summary of great research is okay for the handful of people who meant to attend the talk but were unavoidable detained. Edit the talk into a manageable and generally consistent size.
  2. Introduce the talk. Ensure you have excellent notes embedded with the talk and give a little overview of what is to be covered. The overview reminds the audience of the topic so they do not listen to it again in error. The overview can include a snippet of the talk so listeners can decide if it is worth listening all the way to the end. The overview should include the date and other essential locator information.
  3. The overview does not have to be over engineered. A little theme music is great. Classical snippets work but music from the Garage Band program is sometimes very recognizable. I have heard the same snippet on several shows. Oh, and turn off the music. The News Updates from NASA’s Spitzer Telescope, although interesting, are interlaced with a kind of incidental music.
  4. Link through the notes to a web page with additional images, PowerPoint slides, and handouts or transcripts. This makes your resource even more of a resource.
  5. Keep the additional background noise to a bare minimum is you can help it at all.
  6. Cut out the Audience questions unless they are helpful to the talk. Often then tend to weaken the overall impact of the talk.

I am sure there will be more of these.



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