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PodCasting Logo April 15, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

We finally have a PodCast logo. It is a blend of the iTunes Podcast logo and the College of Education WordMark. I actually quite like it. I prefer it to putting a pair of headphones on an apple (one suggestion). We even had a little write up in the monthly College newsletter.

Flowers, Buds & Pods


Spring has sprung and buds can be seen everywhere, but we are not just talking about potential flowers. Wherever you go, you’ll see that people are sprouting ear buds (miniature headphones) with white wires leading to iPods™ of varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

The College of Education is part of that phenomenon, and we have hit the 21st century running. We are beginning to podcast (yes, “podcast” can be used as a verb!) visiting lecturers and colleagues as they share their research in formal lectures or informal brown bags sessions during lunch. Podcasting is, quite simply, the process of making audio (and sometimes video) available to be played on computers or iPods™ so you can take the lecture with you as you commute, exercise, do household chores, or just sit around the garden.

The technology expands the reach of the classroom beyond its walls and outside of scheduled class hours. “We are beginning modestly and attempting to release a new podcast every other week,” said Michael McVey, our director of technology. “You can subscribe to talks using special feeds and even receive them using iTunes™ the moment they are released.” 

We are excited about the potential and have plans to podcast talks hosted by the Annual Language, Reading & Culture Colloquy, Erasmus Circle, Dean’s Graduate Advisory Council, and other departments and groups. There are even plans to have Student Services produce application instructions that will walk students through the process of applying. “But why stop there?” McVey asks. “We could even podcast a brief recruiting video for the college.” 

We have yet to realize the potential of this tool, but we are certainly off to a fine start. You can access the temporary and under-construction podcasting page from any page at www.coe.arizona.edu. Just look for the little speaker icon and the word “Podcast.”



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