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How We Were April 12, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

yetta   We had a little fun yesterday posting a video made about twenty years ago and narrated by my predecessor in the Instructional Technology Facility, Dr. Bill Valmont. The Language, Reading, and Culture department made it after the university reorganized the College of Education, creating several new departments out of many smaller departments. We tried posting it as an mp4 but for some reason Apple iTunes did not pick up the feed on that one. What worked was keeping it in its original mpg format. You can view the three-minute video at www.ed.arizona.edu/podcasts/lrcloop.mpg.

I have received a few treasured tapes recently. One of them shows a snippet of a professor teaching in 1976. You can see smoke rising into the classroom air from the cigarettes half the students in the class were smoking. It is hard to recall that we were ever so blasé about smoking in class. Back in those days, even McDonalds had its own branded ashtrays. Additionally, I came across a collection of videotaped Convocations going back to the early 1990s. There might be a few interesting gems in that collection to share as well.

The next step is to learn how to create enhanced podcasts so that key slides from a PowerPoint presentation will show up in the iPod player. Yesterday, we recorded a lecturer from the University of Utah, Dr. Doris Warriner, speaking about women in the Sudan. Her audio clips, some in the Ayak language, will come through in the audio tape but it would be very helpful to see some of her slides as part of the podcast we are creating for her.

I am delighted to see how the podcasts are taking off. I mentioned to the Dean that I had a tape of him from a few years ago but he shuddered at the thought of seeing himself from back then.



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