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Striking a Nerve April 10, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

noive   Sometimes, after weeks of work on dozens of projects simultaneously, several come to fruition at the same time and provide a little bounce to the step. One of these came over the weekend when I announced we had started to podcast in the college.

Today I received word from several colleagues that they were more than a little excited about the prospects and their enthusiasm has added greatly to my original vision. What follows is just a sample:

▫       One professor, a giant in reading and literacy, has several treasured tapes from lectures that she wants to make available

▫       A recently retired professor, a former Vice President of the university, has a touching graduation speech from a decade ago which we had recorded and saved on VHS tape

▫       One professor insists that we videotape the speeches made at our convocation in May

▫       One professor, a world renowned expert on vision, has recommended that we podcast the lectures for students spread throughout the most remote parts of the state

▫       The Dean is keen to hear speakers whose talks he cannot attend in person

▫       The Director of Field Services has suggested that we make a podcast explaining the directions for applying to the College of

▫       The Student Recruitment Specialist will soon be approached to made a video podcast for prospective students

▫       One student brought me video tapes from a series of lectures recently held in her course on Indigenous Peoples

There are scores of opportunities just awaiting the germ of insight and inspiration.



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