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Science Fair 2006 March 24, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Lifelong Learning, Students.

winners   Last night, the Tucson Convention Center hosted the grand awards ceremony for the citywide science fair competition.  The evening’s guests were students from kindergarten through fifth grade.  My daughter and her two friends decided to strategize this year and produced a team project.  Their thinking was that, as a team, they would have less competition and a greater chance for an award.

Their strategy paid off in the form of a third-place ribbon for each of them.  Of course, the down side of the team’s strategy is that individuals would not be eligible to attend the International Science Fair as observers as part of the discovery channel program.  The girls were willing to take this chance.

Their project consisted of an analysis of different insulating materials on the internal temperature of a hot box, which they created.  They monitored the temperatures on the inside of the box with electronic thermometer.  Just for fun, they placed a mouse pad made of neoprene in place of the other materials they were using for installation, and discovered that neoprene possessed tremendous insulating factors.

I believe that if the girls had analyzed the qualities of neoprene, perhaps under a microscope, or researched the properties of neoprene on the Internet, they may have placed even higher in the rankings.  As it was, they were quite excited to place at all and proudly walked across the stage last night.  They remain firmly convinced that any one of them could someday grow up to be an engineer or scientist of some note.

On the drive home from the ceremony, we were already planning the project for next year.



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