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Online Sheet Music March 17, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Literacy, Online Tools.

Armstrong   Sometimes motivating my daughter to practice the piano is a difficult thing to do.  Recently I have been encouraging her just to play and make joyous sounds on the piano without having to read musical notation.  This has helped somewhat and, the other night, to my surprise she composed a neat little piece that sounded like an Irish jig.  She then worked very hard at transferring those notes to composition paper.

This was very encouraging.  Even more encouraging was what happened when I sat at the piano the next night.  I was trying to pick out the melody from a tune and I had heard in a movie, Love Actually.  The music, by Craig Armstrong, was called Portuguese Love Theme.

Both my daughter and I are quite fond of that particular piece of music, so when I started to pick out the tune she shoved me aside and tried to play the piece also.  This is where the joys of technology came in.  After a brief search on the Internet, I was able to find an online source for sheet music that also carried the music of Craig Armstrong, the composer.

After installing musical notation software from and onto my computer, I was able to listen to the first 20 or 30 notes, and was then prompted to add this particular piece of music to my shopping cart.  My daughter and I used a very fuzzy screen capture of the music to decide whether we thought the piece was something we could ever play.  Together, we decided we were ready to play, and that meant that we were ready to pay.

Less than four dollars later, we had the three sheets of music in our hands.  With luck, and a lot of practice, this might be my daughter’s recital piece this May.



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