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Sundance and Films March 9, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Lifelong Learning, Literacy.

sundance   Since I cannot get up to Utah to attend the Sundance Film Festival, I am doing the next best thing, watching some of the short films online. The motto for this year’s festival appears to be “Keep it free.? After the reminder from some of my blog readers that free software is the only way to go, I am even more delighted that the Sundance organizers have put so many short films and short documentaries online for the public to preview.

Actually, the short films have done something else for me. They have punctured my pride and, of course, we all need that. Yesterday, I put the final changes on a film I made for the staff at my College. It will premiere at the Staff Advisory Council awards luncheon in May and it is my little way of giving a little thanks to my colleagues for all their hard work. It consist of clips all chopped into a montage of their daily work lives. Some parts moved quite well, some were a little heavy handed, and I may have broken at least one copyright restriction, but my pride in my workmanship and editing prowess was taken down a notch or two after watching the excellent films on show from Sundance.

As I type this, I am watching Before Dawn, a winner at the Festival. The director shot the entire film from the perspective of a single camera panning and tilting from a single position. In a single shot and in fewer than twelve minutes, it wordlessly told a powerful story of desperation and hope in the hour before sunrise.



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