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WinAmp Radio March 4, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

winamp   It is time for a flashback. I am twelve years old and listening to the radio. I am driving the radio, slowly twisting up and down the dial looking for that one special tune that was just released and reminds me of that girl who sits across the room in French class. I have been cruising up and down the dial in frustration only to come across the tail end of the tune and as I am sitting on one station and wonder what is playing on the other twenty or thirty I had been hearing.

Fast forward 35 years (has it been that long?) and now I have WinAmp radio. WinAmp is a software program that will allow you to play audio and video files and a free version is available at http://www.winamp.com. You can use it to play your .wav and .mp3 files but you can use it to visit radio and television stations. Three words of warning though:

·         The television and video images are rough unless the transmitting server is using a wide bandwidth transmitter.

·         You may have to wait in a queue for your turn if the station is limited to a certain number of users.

·         You have to set controls for “Adult” channels so your kiddies will not accidentally stumble across
them (not that there are many of those sort of stations but they pop on and off).

So now I can listen to a radio with almost 8,000 stations, search it by genre, song currently playing, or you can do a partial word search. Here are a few terms to look up:

·         Bach (you might get Johann Sebastian or Bachman Turner Overdrive)

·         scanner fire (listen to police and fire scanners from around the world)

·         beatles (you’d be surprised how many you can find)

·         krishna (usually a couple of dozen stations devoted to devotees)

·         France (tech hip hop from Paris)

·         Japanese (lots of weird Japanese Pop stations and on the TV station there are animations)

·         KUAT-FM (you can open this URL directly to get to the classical station



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