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AntiSpyware Changes February 14, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

defender   Today I attempted to update Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware program and was started to find it missing from the directory of most popular downloads. I had to do a search for anti-virus and eventually found Defender, Microsoft’s second Beta version of its anti-spyware software.

It did not take long to download but some of my users will be a little confused at the choices for which files to download and would not understand that they must download an .msi file. MSI stands for Microsoft Service Installer. This little package integrates well with the operating system you have and removes any worries about version conflicts.

The msi file relies on you having the latest Windows Installer files and, of course, makes your machine go through the Validation process to ensure you are using proper Windows software.

One of the benefits of the tool is that it can do a brief scan and an extended scan, thus reducing the time spent with a slightly sluggish machine scanning for spyware in the background. From an aesthetic point of view, my only issue is with the little grey castle the software uses as an icon. It looks like something has been “grayed out? and I much prefer the big orange bull’s-eye.



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