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Use it or lose it February 13, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Information, Online Tools.

tech   Apparently, the Bush Administration is still looking for a Director for the Office of Educational Technology. The big problem for advocates of educational technology is that the longer the position remains unfilled, the easier it becomes to remove the position entirely. Then we would have almost nobody in DC to advocate for teacher training. 

I am hereby offering my name to the Department of Education in Washington. The former director, Susan Patrick, left the post last summer. Oddly, I spoke with her in Philadelphia last July, mere days before she announced her departure. I hope I did not have anything to do with her leaving.

I would be a great candidate because: 1) moving to DC would be a hardship for me (I would HAVE to be there out of love for educational technology), 2) I am not very Republican (so the appointment would not smack of cronyism), and 3) I fit an underrepresented demographic, ex-pat Canadians with no hairpieces.

I would probably take the job too seriously so that is a bit of a minus but I have enormous reserves of energy and almost three decades of teaching behind me.

I will be expecting the call from DC any day now.



1. Zs - February 13, 2006

Go for it! Good luck!
Hey, but then whom do I ask with all my little questions? :-)
How selfish I am ….

2. mcvey - February 13, 2006

I should have ended my post with a mighty “HAH!”

It is my belief that the Department of Educaiton is holding this post open for political reasons. It is also my opinion that injecting a few non-partisan, non-hacks like myself who would only be in Washington to help then head home, would help this administration.

But, again, I won’t get excited the next time the phone rings.

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