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Congress Cuts Again February 8, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Funding.

congress   Many thanks to Andy Carvin for pointing out some of the effects of the 2007 federal budget will have on educational technology.

Education Technology State Grants were funded at $279 million but next year have been allocated zero dollars. Since the No Child Left Behind Act changed the way money gets distributed, handing out blocks to money to states, the money has withered from 500 million to less than 300 million to zero. One of the rationales behind the shift was that teachers have had plenty of time to figure out how to use technology in the classroom. In Andy Carvin’s words, “Edtech advocates, quite understandably, are furious.?

21st Century Community Learning Centers had funding cut by ten million but their focus is now on preparing students to succeed at NCLB-mandated standardized tests rather than technology education in general. Assistive Technology for disabled students will be cut by eight million dollars and Vocational education will be cut by 500 million dollars.

These moves will guarantee the flight of many Edtech advocates to Washington, again, to lobby, beg, and push for more money to fund programs designed to help teachers become better at using technology, to bridge the digital divide, and to improve the health of schools in general.



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