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Topo the Robot February 3, 2006

Posted by Michael McVey in Hardware.

topo It was only a matter of time that Wired magazine would list the fifty best robots ever. Of course, other pundits have tried to improve the list with one listing the Ten Sexiest Robots of all time. Actually, those are robots of the silver screen so Angelina Jolie, who played one in Cyborg 2, counts. Wired’s list is both fictional and real but I was startled by the omission of Topo the Androbot.

Topo was part of a series of robots produced to be relatively inexpensive and helpful for their human masters. The reason I am so close to Topo is that we actually have a Topo II in the Education building. He is hidden in a secret location until we can get adequate security for him but he is the real thing. A professor who was quite a big fan of gadgets and gizmos had him for a while then tossed him out. Another professor, Dr. Mae Smith, literally pulled him from the trash and brought him back into the building and into her care.

TOPO Vital Statistics
Fullname: Androbot TOPO
Date Of Birth: 1983 (Year 1 A.B.)
Place Of Birth: Androbot INC.
Sunnyvale, CA.
Citizenship: International
Height: 3′
Intelligence: External Computer Provided.
Command reception: Internal radio frequency receptor to read joystick controlled direction signal and software directed signals at distances up to 100′.
Software Controls: Standard diskette for use with Apple II is included. Topologo and Topofourth software available at extra costs.
Wheels: Two, Independantly Driven.

Two, Hi-Torque.
Moving Speed: Two Feet Per Second (May vary depending on Surface Conditions.)
Lights: Forward, Backward, Left and Right Indicator lights.
Batteries: Gel Electrolyte, Sealed, Rechargeable long-life Industrial grade, LED indicates if battery needs recharging.

It is my intention to clean Topo up a little and make him (it) the mascott of my computer lab. I have even come across kits online that will allow someone with time and technical skills to get Topo moving again. I think he might look quite charming with a mortar board to decorate our Convocation ceremonies.



1. loKey - February 11, 2009

Very cool! I remember TOPO. We had one in my sixth grade class, that we would program via an Apple IIe computer. Ah the memories.

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