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Camera Phones December 30, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Hardware.

phonecam   Last summer, my wife and daughter were at a ball game in Denver while I toiled back home in Tucson. My wife snapped a photo on her camera phone and e-mailed it to me. A minute later, I had used Hello to post the photo to our family blog. A few minutes after that I received a phone call from my father in Canada to say he had seen the photo. To my mind, that’s quite an accomplishment for a little camera attachment on a cell phone.

But to really take it up a notch, you might pay a visit to 43folders.com where they have a list of helpful and creative uses for camera phones. What is even more fascinating is how many creative uses for cameras people tout. Read through the comments section.


Here are some of my favorites submitted by readers:

  • Took a picture of a take-out menu and sent it to my sister so we could decide together what to get for dinner without having to read off 100 options.
  • I try to take a photo a day to have some sort of diary.
  • The other night at a train station in Tokyo I couldn’t find a paper copy of the train schedule so I snapped a shot of the timetable.
  • I used my phonecam to take a pic of 3 different light fixtures I liked for the dining room. When I got home, I stood back, held up the camera with the photos and closed one eye. It showed me exactly what each fixture would like like over the dining table. Worked like a charm!

The one that got the most reaction from readers who left comments was:

  • If you’re out and about and happen to see a CD, book, or other consumable you might want to pick up later on, snap a photo of the item’s barcode. When you get home you can look the item up on Amazon or Froogle.com and find the best price, or just add it to your canonical online wishlist.

Of course, it isn’t so much that people aren’t writing things down anymore, it is that they have a new and versatile option for storing the stuff they were just going to cram into their wallet or purse.



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