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Closed Captioning December 15, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Hardware.

Nancy   Today was our December convocation ceremony. Almost one hundred and seventy newly minted teachers and Doctors of Philosophy marched across the stage to shouts of encouragement and warm cheers. After the ceremony they were welcomed into a sea of hugs in the lobby.

The address from the representative of the graduate students was made by Nancy Amann-Hlibok who shared highlights from her doctoral research on the use of closed captioning to improve literacy skills on the part of both deaf and hearing children. 

Not every television comes equipped with the capability of playing closed captioning, but almost every commercially created DVD we pop into our computers and televisions has the potential for a closed caption experience. I have used the technique for training my ear for both French and Spanish. On occasion I have suggested we turn it on for British comedies since some of the dialogue escapes the ears of my American friends. It serves as excellent reinforcement for developing readers and is a widely available and easily activated literacy tool to bring into the home. 

Nancy signed her entire speech which was vocalized by a translator. She urged everyone in attendance to turn on the captioning feature whenever possible to encourage the development of literacy skills for everybody exposed to the television. Not a bad idea. 

Post Script: At a party on the weekend, one of the guests raved about her speech and noted that they keep closed captioning on “all the time” to help his wife, an English Language Learner.



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