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Creating treasures December 14, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Hardware.

Jitterbugging   What good does it do for a teacher to learn how to use a digital video camera and then learn how to transfer that video onto a computer? What good does it do for a teacher to learn how to edit out glitches and mistakes? Why should a teacher learn how to make a copy of the video onto a DVD with a catchy title?

I do it for the smiles and laughter, of course. Last night, I attended a rollicking Christmas Concert chock full of festively dressed singers, dancing turkeys, a gyrating Elvis, a tap dancing Santa, and Jitterbugging ten year olds. It was delightful but it didn’t end when the Principal scooted the last of us out. Since I know how to press a few buttons, I was able to create a handful of digital treasures for our friends.

When my daughter graduated from her Grade Three class after being with the same teacher for a two year loop, I wove several dozen digital photos into a little film created with MovieMaker. I found some music that was appropriate to the mood and setting that was guaranteed to make her teacher cry. To this day, she thinks that was my main goal. She often looks at those movies on CD and likely will for many years to come until the technology is finally replaced or the digital media cannot be transferred to the newest technology.

The joy in revisiting events and memories is that much easier now with this technology. When my student teachers join their cooperating teacher on a field trip I urge to take a digital camera along with them and capture the kids in action shots, engaged in the displays or with each other. They then take those images, create a simple movie, and with the addition of a piece of interesting music they can hand to their teacher, the very next day, a new classroom treasure. My daughter and her friends still play the three minutes movie of their field trip to the historical society taken over two years ago.

So what good does it do to learn this stuff? If you are still asking, I will have to give you some better examples.



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