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Technorati December 10, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

technorati   Yesterday I placed In Lieu of Lunch on Technorati. My ranking against the many other blogs they monitor was (drum roll) 1,014,654. Onward and upward! Today I checked and found that I had risen in the ranks to number 775,070. That substantial increase just means that my site’s links to other sites have been processed.

Of course, this ranking bears no reflection on the superb quality of the writing, the depths of the insights, or the social, cultural, and education significance of the blog. The ranking has more to do with the number of other blogs that are linked to yours. That said, I now understand why there are some blogs with long scrolling list of other blogs on their blog rolls. Posting such links provides a web presence for the blog that is mutually satisfactory to both participants.

I noticed also that when you cite a news article directly in your blog, you may end up in their “Read What the Bloggers Are Saying” section. That might lead a few interested parties to your blog. I think you have to be fast enough to get your blog up so that Technorati will ping the online newspaper to generate such a list. The shelf life of news items doesn’t seem to be particularly long these days. 



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