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Mistakes and Other Opportunities December 10, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Online Tools.

errors   While pondering three rejections of my work in one week (a photograph, a grant, and an article) but ever conscious of the great blessings in my life, I came across a blog that suggests we should keep a diary of our mistakes so we can learn from them. An excerpt:

[. . .] the fear of making a mistake is one of the biggest obstacles I see people encountering. They want the fruits of their efforts to come out perfect and spit-shined, but they are afraid to go through the R&D required to get there (i.e., they’re afraid to make mistakes they can learn from).

Indeed. I used baseball analogies to describe and justify my writing last week, but that moment has passed. I had described my attempt to publish my study as if I had been trying to hit a home run. My ball, however, sailed up and into the stands. A foul ball. Rather than leave the game and drag myself into the dugout, it makes much more sense to analyze what went wrong and adjust my strategy and my stance. I plan on bunting a little more by writing book reviews for UNESCO’s Educational Review. But I can certainly do more to adjust my writing stance, so to speak.

The main point in the artcle is to remind yourself to look for the positive in your mistakes and not beat yourself up over them. Onward!



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