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Gran Mago December 2, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Hardware.

Machines  For the last three years, the College has been hosting 20 teachers from rural parts of Central America. This year, the program coordinator thought it would be a great idea to ask for donated computers to give to each of them. We were able to only get eleven machines. Three actually had XP, a couple had ME, and most of the rest had 98 on them. Those were the best ones.

By random drawing there were two machines left to distribute. A very old machine with Windows 3.1 and a Mac Workbook that should really be in my Museum of Obsolete Technology. It took him about a half an hour and after calling in a few native Spanish speakers to fill in the words I could get across to him, he decided to donate the computer to our museum. This is just as well as the computer has a name, Delta, and now will reside in a place of honor in our glass case next to an Apple IIe and Topo the Robot.

Our teachers will be leaving next week after spending a year with us far from their families. You can see them at http://www.frappr.com/CASS2005. Even though they pose some additional work to my load, they are the most energetic of teachers. Many return to positions of responsibility in their school systems after their year of intense training. I particularly appreciate them for the nickname they have given me, Gran Mago: The Great Wizard of Technology.



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