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More on Teaching November 30, 2005

Posted by Michael McVey in Students.

adolescents.jpgAnna Quindlen wrote a powerful essay on teachers and teaching that was published in the November 28 Newsweek today. Inspired by Frank McCourt’s book, Teacher Man, she reminded her readers about the job teachers do and the role of teachers in society.

More startling was her reminder that one teacher in five would leave the profession after the first year. That is why I try so hard to encourage and prepare young teachers by helping them to use some technological tools that will better prepare them to do their job and to help them to survive and even flourish in that first year.

I try to teach not only the tools, both the hardware and software, but I try to make them aware of online tools that can give them inspiration and comfort in the first years of their career as teachers. Joining listservs, receiving lesson ideas by e-mail, and reading blogs by teachers and experts in their field can all help young teachers feel that they have somewhere to turn when things get tough.

Read the full essay by Anna Quindlen online. An excerpt:

According to the Department of Education, one in every five teachers leaves after the first year, and almost twice as many leave within three. If any business had that rate of turnover, someone would do something smart and strategic to fix it. This isn’t any business. It’s the most important business around, the gardeners of the landscape of the human race.



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